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We're proud to introduce our latest publication, Essentials of Investing by Richard Warner.  It's a must read for those interested in saving up for retirement and building wealth over their lifetime.  Volume 1 reveals secrets and myths of investing.  Highly recommended for investors of all levels!

Available today on Amazon Kindle at a discounted price!

Essentials of Investing Volume 1
Crock Pot Cooking Mastery
  • 101 Tasty Wholesome Meals using your Crockpot – for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert Meals
  • Bonus tips on how to use a crock pot if you’ve never used a slow cooker before!
    • Wide variety of domestic and international cuisines covered!
      • Save time and Money making these delicious meals!
        • Healthy organic ingredients
Conversation Tactics
  • The art of listening before speaking
  • Topics of conversation you should NEVER touch!
    • How to overcome the fear of speaking 
      • Dating conversation
      • Tone of voice
      • How to read body language signals and facial expressions
      • Improve your sense of humor and wittiness
    Conversation Tactics Volume 2
    Conversation Tactics Volume 2
    • More on the art of listening before speaking
    • It's HOW you say it!
      • Public speaking tips
        • Tact and diplomacy
          • Dealing with adversity and difficult colleagues
          • Gain confidence when going on your first date!
          • Tone of voice
          • Subtle body language signals 
          • When humor may get you in trouble
    Dog Breeds Directory
    • 100 of the most popular dog breeds with color pictures and descriptions
    • Each description discusses notable physical and character traits
      • Find out which breeds' behavioral traits are best suited to your needs!
        • Find out what each breed is most noted and effective for 
          • Categories include: toy breeds, terrier, working breeds, sporting breeds, herding breeds, hounds and non-sporting dogs. logo
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